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Peter Calabrese is the Chief Artist & Owner of Peter Calabrese & Associates.  He started the company to help business’ small and large to “Bring the Shine Back” to their company.  Over the years most companies lost their luster and appeal to consumers.  They continue to create more mechanisms to distance themselves from what people desire:  Human interaction and real customer service.  We live in a highly mechanized system where customers and employees are easily replaceable.  “Bringing the Shine Back” is what the owner or individual inside the company does in an effort to create the emotional reaction that keeps customers coming back and wanting more.

Typical consulting has a preset solution based on the company or individuals past experiences they have had with prior customers used to fit your business model.  Creating a work of ART for each client and how to use this ART appropriately is the education and experience you will have when working with Peter.

He approaches each company as a learning experience.  He is more interested understanding where you are now and where you want to go with the company than giving you a cookie cutter solution.  He may even tell you he is not right for you and give you a suggestion on where to go for the solution you desire instead of wasting your money.

Crafting a solution is a skill Peter developed throughout his years of work before and during College, Corporate America and owning his own businesses.

Peter’s background includes working 2-3 jobs while attending school to earn a BS Degree in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University.  Working for Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., Arrow Electronics, Inc., and owning Purified Indoor Environments, Inc., and Metroplex Home Inspections, LLC.


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His education of how and why things work began long before entering college, but was given greater depth and understanding throughout his studies at Texas A&M.  The Industrial Distribution degree gives students a full understanding of how and why products are manufactured the way they are and how they are typically applied in the real world. 

To understand more about the degree program and how it gets it graduates ready to interact with industry professionals. (Read More)

After Graduation he worked for Bearings Incorporated and this company is known today as Applied Industrial Technologies.

He worked as an Inside Sales Representative for several years before transitioning to an available outside sales position and eventually being promoted to an unofficial Branch Manager. 

As an ISR he was instrumental in the division he worked for achieving the company’s division ISO9000 recognition and ultimately having the division receiving the companies Presidents Award two years in a row. This award put the division in the top 4% of the company for probability.

As an unofficial Branch Manager Peter was tasked with the creation of a full stocking division to support a major chemical company.  He was given a location, a telephone and a computer and he had 30 days to have a full location including shelves and inventory ready to do business.  It was achieved in 28 days.  Every item was entered, received and stocked by Peter. 

What Peter while working for AIT he learned that just because an item has a desired use, doesn’t mean it is getting used that way.  More often than not creative solutions were being made from using different products to solve a problem and it is done every day.  It just depends on how well you understand the process and the desired result you want to achieve.  



Peter was instrumental in being able to take the standard products offered and creating what the customer desired to complete the task at hand.  Examples: utilizing standard components to create different types of conveyor systems to assemble windows and industrial pipe liners.  He was able to create a full stocking location including ordering and stocking the shelves of a new warehouse facility in under 30 days with minimal help. 

To find out more about Applied Industrial Technologies and its capabilities. (Read More) 

After leaving Applied Industrial Technologies he looked for a bigger challenge.  He found this opportunity at Wyle Electronics now Arrow Electronics. 

Peter started his career as a Product Marketing Manager – this position was instrumental in the negotiation and pricing of products on a daily basis.  Due to the nature of electronics and the components the pricing changed daily and even some times hourly and it was his job to get the right price for the customer as quickly as possible. 

He then transitioned into a created position of Value Added Program Manager.  This position was responsible for being a liaison between internal and external sales, management, engineering and contract manufacturing to take the customer from engineering, prototype and finally to a finished product ready for market.  All while maintaining consistent and current bills of material for legacy products and new products.

An opportunity came open in the Telecom Corridor in Dallas, TX and He was transferred to this position to be a single point of contact for a large telecom manufacturer.  In this position he was responsible for all internal sales, communication with purchasing and engineering.  His main responsibility was to ensure that a continuous flow of products even though daily changes were made to manufacturing schedules.

To find out more about Arrow Electronics (Read More)

After being downsized in 2002 Peter re-educated himself and started a Professional Home Inspection company called Metroplex Home Inspections, LLC.

Before he ever started his company he asked every individual in a real estate transaction to let him know what they were looking for in a home inspection.  To his surprise everyone had a different version of what they wanted or needed to see.  The system he created gives the maximum amount of information about the house to all parties and is used to protect the consumer from purchasing the wrong house or a house that is a money pit.

His inspection is completed on sight and is easy to follow and truly gives you the ability to make an informed purchase decision.  Everything is tested and recorded to ensure the most complete inspection for the consumer.  His real business is consumer protection.  Everyone else is just and inspector.

Purified Indoor Environments, Inc.  While inspecting homes Peter sought to find ways to increase the possibilities for people to purchase a home that would meet their needs no matter what the condition.  He and his wife purchased a franchise for a company that catered to people who were scared of the recent Black Mold issues.  The company utilized Ozone generation equipment to eliminate all surface and airborne mold, mildew and bacteria.  The company treated everything from simple household odors, common allergies’ issues, to several ultimate tests including black mold, dead animals and even the odor of a person who was not found in the house for 1 month after expiration.

There is a sequence of what to do to protect and that your family from your home.

In an effort to utilize his education and experience more fully Peter participated in two trainings in 2010.  Passion 2 Profit which is a specific training class that shows people what to do to enhance your business or transform your passion into a profitable endeavor.  This can be done through online and offline marketing efforts and how to utilize them for the greatest impact to your desired audience.

Wanting to create more impact for his customers and himself he applied and was accepted to participate in Profit Point Mastery.  This course has been attended by people to take their current business from, 0-90 for some and from fantastic to extra ordinary for others, transforming people and lives in the process.  Some of the most notable participants in this course are:

  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Dave Lakhani
  • Robert Allen
  • Eben Pagan
  • Joe Polish
  • Dr. Jeff Hockings
  • Jorge Bueno
  • Emma Tibbens
  • Dr. Erich Breitenmoser
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